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Legends and history intertwine and nourish dreams. It is said that, passing through the country of Auxois, Hercules who had just liberated the people of Eryhtia from the giant Geryon, would be at the origin of the creation of Semur-en-Auxois. Later named "Sene Muro": old walls, Semur was for a long time a defensive city, as its towers and ramparts still attest today. Its destiny is linked to that of the Dukes of Burgundy, Robert II, Philip the Bold, to whom the city swore loyalty. This earned him the wrath of Louis XI. It was Henry IV who had his fortifications dismantled in 1602. Abandoning her vocation as a warrior, Semur became the capital of the baillage of Auxois. Its urban structure reveals the juxtaposition of the religious, political and economic powers that have long ruled it. Today, Semur is a charming city in which you can stroll and go hunting for multitudes of signs of its romantic history. 

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